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Welcome to MILCO Tilt-up & Precast Forming Solutions, LLC, an Arizona limited liability company and successor to MILCO Concrete Concepts, LLC, a Nevada limited liability company.  MILCO is a manufacturer of specialty tilt-up concrete forms and precast concrete forms that are secured to a floor slab or to a casting bed with a contact adhesive product that eliminates damage to the floor caused by the use of nails and other penetrating devices.

MILCO is proud to announce that it has become the Western Regional Sales Representative for GluDown® Construction Adhesives, a division of Adhesives Plus, Inc. of Plano, Texas.    The Western Region includes the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

MILCO brings to GluDown® customers more than ten years of experience in providing innovative adhesive-based forming solutions to the commercial tilt-up and precast concrete industries.

GluDown® has been widely hailed as a "breakthrough" spray adhesive product by tilt-up and precast professionals due to its dependability, versatility and ease of use.

Due to the superior performance of GluDown® Construction Adhesives, MILCO is no longer marketing its own former MILCO Tilt-up & Precast Spray Adhesive™ branded product.    MILCO now specifies that only GluDown® Construction Adhesives are to be used in installing MILCO's Adjust-a-Trak™ PVC forms.

MILCO customers who have used MILCO's Adjust-a-Trak™ PVC adhesive-based forming system in the past and wish to acquire replacement PVC components may contact their local construction supply distributor to arrange for custom limited-run orders.

MILCO and GluDown® look forward to working with you on your next project!

—  Greg Stadter,  Managing Member

  Adjust-a-Trak™  Adhesive-based Concrete Panel Forming System



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